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his 30 years of experience as a professional wine taster and international judge, John Salvi writes his monthly Bordeaux Weather Report from his home in the Medoc.

John covers, in detail, the weather conditions, and analyses their effect on Bordeaux's vineyards.

The newsletter gives the official figures for rainfall, sunshine, maximum and minimum temperatures, and a variety of other factors such as fog, hail, moisture, and humidity.

'I interpret these statistics in terms of their effect upon the vine, and the grapes, month by month, and eventually upon the resulting wine. I start with the premise that a wine is the product of climate, soil, grape varieties, and man's intervention and guidance.'

'Since climate, thanks be, is still beyond our control, the quality of the wine in any given year is largely beyond our control, but is, in part, a direct result of the meteorological conditions during the viticultural year leading up the vintage.'

'At the same time it keeps in touch, albeit briefly, with the prevailing economic climate in Bordeaux as well as the meteorological one!'

John Salvi

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Bordeaux Weather Report

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